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Hypnotic World was created in the Autumn of 1999 by Faith and Adam Waude


Over the years it has grown with the Internet as a major resource centre for hypnotherapists and those interested in learning and applying the various techniques and strategies of hypnosis.


Hypnotic World has a growing community of over 2000 subscribers and the response that we receive from our visitors tells us that it's a great site with huge growth potential.  New scripts and strategies are regularly added to the site and we welcome any hypnotherapy related material for consideration of inclusion onto the site.


Hypnotic World has been offering training in hypnotherapy for several years and many students are now enjoying the benefits of their own successful hypnotherapy practice. 


Faith gained her Diploma in Hypnotherapy in 1994 and has since helped hundreds of people to overcome addictions, fears and phobias and many other problems.  She still runs a busy hypnotherapy practice as well as the ever expanding training course.  Students have the assurance of knowing that they are receiving training from an experienced hypnotherapist.


Faith was featured in BBC1's Kick the Habit program in summer 2000 where a number of people tried different methods to quit smoking.  Faith's subject was the only one who managed to quit.  She was also the resident hypnotherapist on Magic AM's radio station for several months and has appeared in several newspaper reports.  She regularly receives and responds to enquiries for help from leading magazines.


Adam designed the Hypnotic World website and continues to introduce innovative ideas to enhance our customer's experience.  Adam holds a degree in English from Central Lancashire University in the UK and Plattsburg, US.  He also has a background in psychology and is the creator of and many other sites.  Adam is regularly consulted for his views in the area of psychology by leading newspapers.


Steve is the voice behind the MP3 and CD recordings that are available on Hypnotic World and its sister sites.  Steve holds a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and has trained in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and taught others in a workshop and college environment how to use both EFT and integrate it with hypnosis.


Dr Daniella Portner is our Company Secretary and contributes many scripts to Hypnotic World.  Daniella also holds a Diploma in Hypnotherapy but spends much of her time working in a scientific environment and looking after her wildlife business.


David North joined The Hypnotherapy Training Centre with 14 years experience in hypnotherapy.  David trained with the Proudfoot School of Hypnosis in Scarborough.  He has trained doctors and nurses to utilize hypnosis in hospital as well as training privately from his base in Doncaster.






Katerina Banou is our Mediterranean Representative and lives in the sunny island of Kos.  As well as her degree in psychology, Katerina has gained a Diploma in Hypnotherapy with Distinction from Hypnotic World and has translated many our our most popular scripts into Greek to make them available to Hypnotherpists around the world.



Corporate Information

Hypnotic World Limited

24 St David's Drive


South Yorkshire



Tel:   UK -01302 786977

Outside UK - +44 (0) 1302 786977




Registered Company No. 05923410 in England.

Registered Office: Numero, 6 South Parade, Doncaster, DN1 2DY, Yorkshire, England.


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